Vanessa Interviewing DreamerA strong woman of faith blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit, Vanessa Manago is destined to change the world through the means of media. The CEO of the faith-based entertainment group, Latter Reign, Vanessa is on a mission to inspire believers through the multi-faceted media company. Started in 2013, Latter Reign is a brand that encourages faith-based living.

Latter Reign, currently in its beginning stages, showcases media throughout a number of platforms: web series, television series, short films, feature films, video presentations, stage plays, audio/video podcasts, teaching series, devotionals, live events, audio books, eBooks and articles. The company’s goal is to put God on display in its products and programming. Through real-life dramas, educational shows and lifestyle content, Latter Reign is breaking ground, ultimately becoming a premiere destination for inspiration. Delivering quality programming with faith-based themes, Latter Reign lives up to its name: Reign.

Vanessa says, “In Romans 8:37, the Bible speaks of the saints as conquerors. But what we don’t realize is that scripture says we are MORE than conquerors. For the believer it begins with conquering; the final goal is to reign,” she explains.

“In the strength of the Lord, we can reign; we were born to reign. That theme is interwoven into every aspect of the company and our programming.”

Faith, entertainment and media have always captured the heart of Vanessa Manago. The daughter of two preachers, faith has always been a large part of Vanessa’s life. Growing up, much of her time was spent within the walls of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church located in the Nation’s Capital. With an affinity for music, she took to the piano and played and directed choirs for churches in the DC area. At the age of 14, her parents started a church and she soon became the minister of music there. She grew in ministry and was licensed as an Evangelist in 2002.

Shooting promotions for the "I Have A Dream" campaign which kicked off the "For Dreamers Only" series.
Shooting promotions for the “I Have A Dream” campaign which kicked off the “For Dreamers Only” series.

Vanessa pursued music degrees in formal University programs but they did not quite fit her professional aspirations. Ultimately, she completed an Audio Production program at Omega Recording School in Rockville, MD. Shortly after completing that program, her dreams of a career as a studio engineer were dashed due to eardrum replacement surgery, but her love for music and entertainment never left. With a passion for production and the determination to complete a degree program, she attended the Art Institute of Washington where she obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Digital Film.

Her talents took flight in other ways, primarily as the writer and director of a holiday-themed stage play at a Christian school where she taught music. Vanessa’s tremendous success with that play and the impact it had on the children, the staff and the audience helped her to understand her true calling. That one experience laid the ground work for what has now become Latter Reign.

Clearly, Vanessa is passionate about Latter Reign. She says, “My prayer for Latter Reign is that we disciple nations through this medium. Our programming won’t be just for viewing or listening, but we will show how to apply the Gospel to life. The Word is alive. When we live it, the world sees God through us.Our goal is for people to come to Christ or grow in their walk with Him”. She concludes with this: “If I could display my heart on a screen or a stage, it would be through Latter Reign.”