Devotional 2
God Dreamed You

The word of the Lord came to me, saying, 5 “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.

The Bible recounts a story of an old man being visited by God in a vision. God challenged the man to count the stars in the sky. Knowing that this was an impossible feat, He redirected the man’s attention and asked if he could number the sands of the sea. The man stated what God already knew. Both of these challenges were impossible for him to perform. And so God used that experience to speak to the Father in Abram. And though Abram and his wife had no children, God changed his name to Abraham, the Father of many nations. With that, God revealed Abraham’s God-identity one night on the shores of the sea.

Likewise, God visited young Joseph one night as he slept. With Joseph fast asleep on his pillow, God gave him two dreams that awoke the governor and administrator within. Yes, in one night God revealed to Joseph his true God-identity.
So Dreamer, what about you?
Who did God awaken through your dream? What does God call you? What is your God-identity? I realize that you may have thought that your dream was merely a goal that you hoped to achieve. But Dreamer, hear me when I say that it is so much more. Your dream is a visitation through which God reveals His eternal call and your true identity. That is to say that God does not call us to become anything. Instead, He simply calls us, in the space of time, what He has called us since before the foundations of the world.

Think of it this way. If you are a parent, you have experienced that joy of naming your child. You may have looked up names and found the meanings long before the baby arrived. If you are anything like me, you tried to find name combinations that sounded good together and had a significant meaning. Chances are, you settled on a name before the baby actually arrived. Once the child arrived, you called him/her by their name. You assigned their name to them and they will forever be known by it. You did not give them a name to grow into. You simply gave them a name.
Similarly, God knew us before the foundation of the world. He looked down through eternity and saw the ages of the Earth. He ordained that we should occupy the Earth and have Kingdom significance for a specific period of time. Just as He called Abraham the Father of Many Nations and Joseph a Governor and Prince, He gave us a name in Eternity past. Now, through dreams, God calls us by name to identify and awaken our spirit to our God-identity. He calls us as a declaration of who we are and our significance in His eternal plan. He calls us to reveal His eternal purpose for us in the space of time. And as we are obedient to His word and the Holy Spirit, He perfects us and transforms us into the person that must carry out the dream.


For Dreamers Only
For Dreamers Only
The 30 Day Devotional
By Vanessa Manago
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